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Adelphi is a female-powered brand dedicated to creating
magical experiences for connection, impact and celebration.

the experiences


From exquisitely curated happy hours to

breath-taking galas and receptions, Adelphi produces tailored events for our clients in the

Bay Area and around the globe. Although the scale of each event changes, the quality of the experience doesn’t.

We collaborate with our clients to create

flawless experiences for their guests, skillfully elevating event staples to craft moments that leave guests reminiscing for years to come. We specialize in private, large-scale celebrations that feature meticulous attention to detail and the highest quality of service.

groups of 100 to 10,000+


Say goodbye to run-of-the-mill incentive trips

and hello to team retreats with flavor, fun and personality! Adelphi experiences don’t feel like work trips. They feel like the best party in town. Imagine  your dream, brought to life by

our creative genius.

From a quiet picnic with local artists at the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris, to the banging drums and fire breathing dragons reverberating through the streets of Barcelona’s annual La Mercè Festival, to award-winning films screened at The Castro Theatre for San Francisco’s famous Pride Month, our team knows the unique beats needed to

make every trip a one-of-a-kind experience

for your team.

groups of 25 to 2,500


Shipped anywhere in the world,

Adelphi box-periences are mini events within a package - fully crafted, interactive experiences with goodies and packaging uniquely selected

for each client.

The experience begins the moment the gift arrives on recipients’ doorsteps in an enticing parcel they can’t wait to open. Each enclosed treasure lives on beyond the gift as an exquisite standalone that’s perfectly complemented with the other items to create a whole experience enjoyed

alone or with loved ones.

orders of 100 to 10,000+


Whether you’re planning a team event in the Bay Area or beyond, we have all the insider knowledge needed to make your trip the best one yet.

The benefit of being a well-traveled DMC team is that our connections span far and wide across the globe with like-minded experience enthusiasts  ready to make your next destination event a lasting memory with that white glove touch. We craft singular, unforgettable experiences for your guests to enjoy from start to finish; taking care of all the logistics along the way.

teams of 10 to 100+



sustainability + philanthropy

The best experiences are the ones that live on beyond the moment, both in memory and impact. Our team is deeply motivated in finding creative ways to benefit the planet and uplift companies that do social good - and our clients share these essential values. Why? Because their employees and clients love knowing they’re a part of something impactful! We get it. One of our chief eco moves has included emphasizing ‘soft branding’ to extend the longevity of the gifted goodies (including their re-gifting potential!) When it comes to events, we bring the same ‘green game’ and pride ourselves in reducing waste from a traditionally eco-blind events world.

creativity + fun

We are a team of creative, inspired people who genuinely love what we do. The beauty of celebrating joy in our work is that it gets infused into everything we do. We encourage a playful environment with sass and wit because when we’re having fun the experiences we craft for our clients reflect that! We love finding creative ways to make every project feel magical, fresh and fascinating. Our clients come to us because they know we play in a different realm, where imaginative and unforgettable experiences reign supreme.

work-life balance

Here at Adelphi we bring our whole authentic selves to the table. We know this works best when we give ourselves space and time to explore our creativity and artistic pursuits. When our cup is full it overflows so that we can offer the best, most imaginative work for our clients. We know this is something our clients value, too. They come to us for extraordinary experiences because they know their teams and customers thrive when they’re able to celebrate and recharge.


We are a team of fun-loving, Bay Area-bred adventure-seekers who love a backcountry hike as much as we love a perfectly flaky croissant. Foodies, animal lovers and DIY’ers - with more than a touch of wanderlust - we live for experiences of all kinds. We’re out here to soak up the fullness of life and create magic with every opportunity we get. Can’t wait to see you at the party!

X O X O, Team Adelphi  

LynnE B.

OSI soft

Events + Gifting

“Adelphi Experiences put together the most amazing gift boxes for our entire company.  The attention to detail was incredible; the outside of the box was just as gorgeous as the contents inside! The gift itself was so thoughtful; they had really thought of everything. I still get compliments on this box!”

KellIE C.


Events + Gifting

“The Adelphi team is always a delight to work with and no request is out of their realm of possibilities! We did everything from intimate, in-office workshops to massive, themed "boxperiences" to thousands of staff across the world. Every concept is well-thought-out, exciting, and aesthetically pleasing. Whether it's a repeat occasion or a completely new idea, Adelphi should be your go-to team. It'll be a stress-free, partnership full of plenty of laughs!”

monique R.


Events + Gifting + DMC

“I have the privilege of calling Adelphi a trusted partner. I have traveled around the world with Adelphi producing seamless events that are on brand to our company values and culture. They come prepared to tackle any challenge. When an idea comes their way, they bring creativity that is one of a kind.”
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Let's make some magic!

You Rock!

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